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White Snow

An early Song of Ffraed article from my dragon healing journey with Y Ddraig Ffraed – The Ffraed Project. First published on the subscribers’ blog on 17th July 2016. This is a Part 1.


White Snow

It was warm, a tiny breeze, butterflies flitted through the rampant hedges, songbirds accompanied the bees’ kazoos and I was picking my way through tangles of prolific brambles and nettles on my way to rendezvous with Y Ddraig again.

I knew where She’d be, at the crossroads of paths where I’d left Her weeks previously. She’d made off across a verdant pasture to the other side of a hump in the land – I’d have liked to have gone with Her but I needed to gain permission from the landholder first.

Instead I had tracked Her remotely to a hawthorn in a fairy hill embankment by an ancient llan. There’d once stood, possibly for thousands of years, a tiny village here; its gorgeous fragrant roses that once decorated walls and gardens, rambling now through the May.

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