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Winter Solstice sunrise: Pentre Ifan – 22nd December 2021

Hi everyone, though it’s been a while, I want to assure you that I am continuing to help in the healing of this Oh, so special, sacred flow of energy, that we know as Y Ddraig Ffraed.

Ffraed’s flow patterns at Strata Florida Abbey, Whitland Abbey and Pentre Ifan are exquisite and stable.

St. Dogmael’s Abbey is amazing, Her vigour is astonishing. She is well on the way to becoming very special. Her  determination to achieve how She intends to be is equally palpable. I will relate an unforgettable experience I had there recently in a forthcoming post.

Talley is remarkable too. I was going to be visiting there on 19th December but my guidance advised me, strongly, not to. So I didn’t. They’ve let me know when it’s ok to go next.


Please be prepared…the following is information from my own lives-times experiences and guidance my otherworldly companions have helped me with. Take it or leave it.

Anyway, Winter Solstice 2021:

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