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Divining Ddraig: Gwal y Filiast

I’ve re-uploaded Divining Ddraig: Gwal y Filiast to Bitchute:

A video for the Song of Ffraed blog that documents a healing journey, a pilgrimage, following a dragon* through 3 counties, innumerable prehistoric sites (which include four abbeys, over eighty known early church and chapel sites, and a cathedral).

This video takes us briefly out of this world to the liminal environs of the wonderful Gwal y Filiast.

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Called to Cares

First published on my main website.

It was a blissful, bright and sunny Easter morning and the blackbirds and robins had been singing since dawn. Kria, the buzzard, wheeled lazily in the unblemished sky, ravens rolled above the exalting treetops when, too acute to perceive with human ears, the familiar voice of the Goddess beckoned me to ‘the Sanctuary’.

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Communing with saints. Calling for warriors.

Robin Heath, stone stalker and archaeoastronomer, has spent very many years rediscovering and demonstrating the knowledge and genius of people who have walked these Isles before us.  In his information-packed, and excellent book, Bluestone Magic, Heath reveals much of what he has discovered while tramping the commonly wet and blustery hills of West Wales, and how their perfectly-sited and oriented constructions have never stopped straight-talking with each other and with the, sun, the moon and the stars. ¹

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Strange Incident at Stonehenge

A short clip from a talk Ellis gave to the audience of the Ammach conference in the spring of 2013. In 1997, Ellis visited the famous megalithic site, for the first time in 40 years. He wanted to see how the site had changed. He remembers visiting Stonehenge at about the age of 5, when it was in an open field.

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