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Divining Ddraig: Gwal y Filiast

I’ve re-uploaded Divining Ddraig: Gwal y Filiast to Bitchute:

A video for the Song of Ffraed blog that documents a healing journey, a pilgrimage, following a dragon* through 3 counties, innumerable prehistoric sites (which include four abbeys, over eighty known early church and chapel sites, and a cathedral).

This video takes us briefly out of this world to the liminal environs of the wonderful Gwal y Filiast.

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Plastic chalice

Mostly a post I just put on the Facebook group:
Holy Wells, Healing Wells & Sacred Springs of Britain

For three years I traced and recorded a weaving sacred (current) presence (a Dragon) through SW Wales, using divining rods and intuition. I walked with Her through Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and up to Strata Florida, before She curved and took me back to St. Bride’s Bay.

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Be not afeard. The aisle is full of noises

In their book, The Holy Kingdom (P.144), historians, Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett, & the author, Adrian Gilbert, state that when Meurig, King Arthur’s father, was the king of Glamorgan (6th Century), the abad (abbot) of Clas Nanhyfer was Meurig’s brother, Cuhylyn, no less.¹ This would confirm that this early, so-called ‘Celtic Christian’ monastery was a very important one.

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