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Whitland Abbey healed

The first time my eyes beheld Whitland Abbey, was 3rd May 2019.

Here’s the notes I made:

Stunning patterning.

She entered by the north-east corner. Marked out a rectangle – probably the exterior walls of main structure, and then She returned to N-E.

She wove in and then patterned all over, several in-line spirals – perhaps a diamond too.

Very many floral patterns. In one place, a cowslip – the first one I’ve seen for about a week. Using it as a focus, She drew a Flower of Life, with the cowslip in the very centre.  (Was this for me? I like to think so. *)

* I have fond and special memories of the field painted so saffron yellow with cowslips next to our ‘Robin Hood camp’ when I was a child.

After all Her weaving, she exited by the same gateway as She entered, and headed uphill (North).

– Also, there was a circle at the west end, in same sort of location as at Talley.

In the NW quadrant, She spiralled to a centre that seems to have collapsed, a hole dug.

Yes, the patterning was ‘stunning’, but Her demeanour here, on that day, was nothing less than frantic. She raced around, pulling me with Her, spinning all over the place, as if I was being led on some manic reeling dance. I had no chance of mapping Her, so at most of the countless spirals’ centres, I hastily plugged a peg, or threw down whatever came to hand.  I quickly took photographs (Video).

This was the only time ‘the Lady’ wove through this gate, in or out. It was also the only occasion She meandered in the northwest, central north and northeast of the present precinct.

Almost everywhere, initially, She was like some huge ball of ‘elastic’ wool had been played with by a giant psychotic cat. Tangles, frays, loops and knots, shredded, and stretched close to breaking point in places, out through and all across the surfaces of Her province .  Frequently, Her integrity seemed to hang by single ailing threads.

So many traumatic onslaughts had beset the abbey and grounds, psychic and physical: war, bombardment, murder, vicious assault, fire, pillaging, pestilence, abandonment.  The abbey had been levelled, the stonework carried off for building Laugharne castle and local and far away houses and walls. Reports say the site flooded and she sunk out of sight, for a very long time. People forgot the abbey church had even been there. No wonder our Ffraed was in such a state.

As I walked with Her, over the numerous visits, the precarious fraying reassembled, knots untied, tangles unravelled…and, in the sheer joy of release, and moving transformation to Her own ideal, She  created more and more beautiful patterns.

Her transformation, between the first visit and the second, was dramatic, but it took at least 40 walk-throughs for Ffraed’s presence to heal to Her liking here. I mapped Her coming together as much as possible but the intricate patterning made it beyond difficult to do that on my own. Thankfully Olwyn Pritchard was able to help me often, and when she couldn’t, M and R sometimes stepped in.  I think it was December 2020, when Ffraed at last revealed Her ideal patterning to me.

I’ve learned that when Her patterning is unchanged through three visits that’s it.

I could just scribble all over a page to represent the first time I traced Her through here, but this is how She is now:

Groundplan: courtesy of CADW

I’ve been back lots of times since then. She’s true to Her word…and feeling completely marvellous!

Here’s a recent photo of the abbey church site from when I visited, on 10th February this year.

The  healing of Ffraed’s sacred presence at St. Mary’s Abbey, Whitland had begun before I even got there. It started, like everywhere else, as soon as I took the first step on this healing journey at Llanllawer’s little holy well.* The well with no name, where I found the mysterious and lovely silhouette of Sant Ffraed, Ffraed’s Well.

…and everywhere I went, I was ‘expected’.

* I thought it was earlier, but I can’t find an earlier record than 6th August, 2016, of my beginning to trace Ffraed (not yet anyway).

The transiently apparent Ffraed silhouette I discovered in the well when I first met Y Ddraig Ffraed, in 2016. How was/is it created?

Being just a child in the scheme of things, I’m no expert in anything, let alone dowsing, but for reasons I can only guess at, I was taken, very early one morning (16th April 2010), to a Sanctuary of the Goddess and the Sidhe to be primed in a sacred otherworldly ceremony… and afterwards, 6 years later, entrusted at Ffraed’s Holy Well to fulfill this sacred assignment.¹

Called to Cares
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Perhaps this has been the first time Her entire land presence has been walked for thousands of years. I pray it is not the last.

Certainly every companion, assistant, and supporter we’ve had, since the beginning (otherworldly, human – physical, blog subscriber and viewer) has played their part, are still playing their part, in the success of this immensely important healing project.

As I have been guided along the weaves and Ways, of this extraordinary tapestry of sacred energy, She has transformed Herself in such beautiful ways that many times I have been brought to streams of tears. Her restoration is an extraordinarily beautiful thing to be part of.  How privileged I felt (I feel) to be shown the sacred art of the Divine in exquisite flowing motion as She moves now so effortlessly and gracefully through Her healing.

Thank  YOU.

7th March 2022


1: It must surely, I feel, have something to do with my having had (naturally) lifetimes of experiences and encounters with other forms of consciousness from other realms.

Book 1 on my experiences and encounters:

When I’ve completed my assignment with Ffraed, I will be writing book 2.


Torus and tori

I find this video so intriguing because it shows how some of Ffraed’s sacred healing patterning in 3D, and known as torus and tori.

In the midst of one flower/cross at St. Dogmael’s Abbey, She span in the centre and took me to the Abbey back in Her day.

Another Time at St. Dogmael’s Abbey

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A forthcoming presentation at Whitland Abbey

Hi folks, I thought I’d let you know that I have been invited to speak about Y Ddraig Ffraed, and Her successful healing at Whitland abbey, at the abbey.

I will be speaking at 1.30pm on both afternoons.It promises to be a great event. Please do come along, if you can, and support the efforts of this dedicated group of volunteers… and please tell your friends too.

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Prof. David Austin on Strata Florida’s Sacred Wells Springs

Hi everyone, a real treat has come up.

It appears that timing of the re-posting of Y Ddraig Ffraed at Strata Florida on Odysee was just right… for today a very pleasant surprise video, discussing the wells and environs of this cherished sanctuary, has been published on the Strata Florida Trust channel.

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Some thoughts on the Gwyl Ffraed sunrise line and related times and places

by Olwyn Pritchard

This is an article reproduced from the private blog. Some of the links & mentions refer to other private articles, so will not click through. A few of these may be posted in this public blog at a later date.
A documentary and a book are in the wind that will provide a great deal more information.
Thank you Olwyn, for another great article. – Ellis


Gwyl Ffraed sunrise at Ffraed’s Well, Llanllawer.

Ellis asked me if I could investigate the Ffraed’s Day sunrise alignment, as seen from Her Holy Well at Llanllawer. Here’s what I found..

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An Empress? meets up with a Goddess

Another article from the private blog:

Still on the trail into Alan Wilson’s & Baram Blackett’s (W&B’s) proposition that Christ and the True Cross came to west Wales (Pembrokeshire) I re-visited another location where one element in their story meets with our Ffraed for the second time.

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