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Pembrokeshire Online. A new link.

I’ve just come across this quality online magazine while working on a new article – Pembrokeshire. Online. I’m happy to refer it on the basis of these two great articles. Their subject matter connects with Ffraed’s journey. I fully expect there to be more and I look forward to reading them as well.


St. Non’s

A beautiful and evocative piece on the birth of St. David at St. Non’s. By Kitty Parsons:

The Birth of Dewi

Blog article and video: Walking with Holy

(There is an older article on Ffraed at St. Non’s too, which will be republished at some point.)


Y Tylwyth Teg by Steve Parsons:

Throughout many western regions of the United Kingdom fairies play a dominant role in folklore. And nowhere is this more so than in Pembrokeshire where tales and legends of fairies, or the fair folk, are commonplace.

Y Tylwyth Teg (The Fair Folk)

Tylwyth Teg Articles on this blog:
Called to Cares
White Snow
Taken by the fairies?

30th May 2023

Walking with Holy at the Bishop’s Palace, St. David’s

Another new video.

This one was filmed on 5th April by Chris Ellis, who played ‘Jesus’, in the Holy Grail documentary from Ickonic. We met at the premiere in Swansea and he wanted to come down and meet Ffraed.

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