Whitland Abbey Presentation 2022

I have been invited back to the Whitland Abbey medieval fayre and Open Doors event to talk again about Ffraed’s sacred journey, and Her patterning  through the Abbey precinct.

Whitland Abbey healed

The first time my eyes beheld Whitland Abbey, was 3rd May 2019. Here’s the notes I made: Stunning patterning. She entered by the north-east corner. Marked out a rectangle – probably the exterior walls of main structure, and then She returned to N-E. She wove in and then patterned all over, several in-line spirals – … Continue reading Whitland Abbey healed

A short interview with Ellis

Following my presentation on Ffraed at the brilliant Probe International conference in St. Anne’s, nr Blackpool, Lancashire, I was interviewed by the owner of Phenomena Magazine, Steve Mera. Filmed by Chris Turner.

St. Patrick’s chapel

She’d danced me through St. David’s cathedral and then the Bishop’s Palace, wound up by the Afon Alun, been curtsied and bowed to by waving willows and low stones, passed Arthur’s Head, Pen Arthur, and the sadly gone, once station of a beautifully inscribed lone stone; She waved at a windy bear and a girl … Continue reading St. Patrick’s chapel

The Sun and the Serpent & Symphonies in Stone

Here’s a reet treet for you…. I’ve only just been made aware of this. The lovely Hamish Miller, who I’ve mentioned once, twice, maybe more, on the Song of Ffraed blogs, and his surveying and writing partner, Paul Broadhurst in a short film of them dowsing the Michael and Mary sacred flows across England.


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