St. Patrick’s chapel

She’d danced me through St. David’s cathedral and then the Bishop’s Palace, wound up by the Afon Alun, been curtsied and bowed to by waving willows and low stones, passed Arthur’s Head, Pen Arthur, and the sadly gone, once station of a beautifully inscribed lone stone; She waved at a windy bear and a girl … Continue reading St. Patrick’s chapel

The Sun and the Serpent & Symphonies in Stone

Here’s a reet treet for you…. I’ve only just been made aware of this. The lovely Hamish Miller, who I’ve mentioned once, twice, maybe more, on the Song of Ffraed blogs, and his surveying and writing partner, Paul Broadhurst in a short film of them dowsing the Michael and Mary sacred flows across England.


Hi everyone, hope you are all ok? To let you know that if you pre-order the new Wilson and Blackett book now there is a 5 quid discount:

Prof. David Austin on Strata Florida’s Sacred Wells Springs

Hi everyone, a real treat has come up. It appears that timing of the re-posting of Y Ddraig Ffraed at Strata Florida on Odysee was just right… for today a very pleasant surprise video, discussing the wells and environs of this cherished sanctuary, has been published on the Strata Florida Trust channel.

Reposted on Odysee

Just to let you know that I’ve taken the divining Strata Florida video down from Bitchute and reposted it on the Odysee platform.

White Snow

An early Song of Ffraed article from my dragon healing journey with Y Ddraig Ffraed – The Ffraed Project. First published on the subscribers’ blog on 17th July 2016.   It was warm, a tiny breeze, butterflies flitted through the rampant hedges, song birds accompanied the bees’ kazoos and I was picking my way through … Continue reading White Snow

Flower Power

I’ve just come across a real treat of a video that has just been uploaded by geomancer Tim Walter. The documentary was made by him and his mentor, the well-known dowser, Hamish Miller, and is called, “The Spirit of the Serpent”. The online video is entitled “Dowsing earth energy – Hamish Miller, “The Spirit of … Continue reading Flower Power

Commission 10th Anniversary

Ten years ago today I was spirited to the top of a holy mountain in south west Wales. So began a journey.


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