I am in the present as I trace this great current of energy, yet as it weaves through the land, as a dragon moves, I am (as it were) riding its wave, Her wave; for She is female Dragon energy. It is a mystical and mysterious journey.

I connect to Her consciousness and am taken to significant sites marked by the ancients. We are talking past, present and future at the same time. I am walking with Her, following Her, and there are many revelations.

What I’m trying to express is that by appreciating and working with the Dragon long forgotten secrets of our past come to light; we connect with the consciousness and ways of the Earth, Nature and our ancestors. This is a reconnecting, an integrating of everything along a natural artery of earth energy; an holistic healing journey.

The fire of inspiration, the encompassing movement of Her course, Her nurturing, protecting; Her’s, and other dragon’s, ancient wisdom and ways were so essential to our ancestors, across the world, and this is why they erected massive numbers of timbers and stones, shrines and earthworks along their dragons’ routes. They were only too aware that this sacred and essential knowledge of how this living planet operates could easily be concealed and lost; so stones and earth, materials chosen to survive for millennia, designated the sites where the currents spiralled, and changed course most dramatically and significantly.

While humanity has slept for so long in a conjured fog of ignorance, deceit and dissonance, the animals, birds and trees, in particular, have not. By nature they communicate, travel and use these life-enhancing, nursing, and guiding currents that modern humans are blind to. I’m being shown that frequently.

We are the beneficiaries of a legacy so sustaining and profound, yet we don’t realise it.

I hope that the discoveries and the evidence I show and share inspires you to remember. Earth is a unique and beautiful planet brimming with extraordinary gifts waiting to be re-discovered, and once again, appreciated and cooperated with by those who have been designated to preserve Her, human beings.


With love,

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