Walking with Holy at the Bishop’s Palace, St. David’s

Another new video.

This one was filmed on 5th April by Chris Ellis, who played ‘Jesus’, in the Holy Grail documentary from Ickonic. We met at the premiere in Swansea and he wanted to come down and meet Ffraed.

From the description:

The timeless Divine presence of the Holy Spirit weaves through the three counties of west Wales. Since 2016 I’ve been walking with Her, divining, following Her Holy energy.

The Bishop’s Palace was a magnificent structure, built between 1328 and 1347. Its inspired design situated on the epic flow of the Holy Spirit was built by master craftsmen under the guidance of a sagacious someone, who was clearly exceptionally skilled in the art of weaving sacred energy. Perhaps it was Bishop Henry de Gower, but maybe not.

This degree of accomplishment I have discovered at a few other places along Ffraed’s course that’s origins have no connection to him.

Hope you enjoy it.



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