A cup overflowing with Holy

…for St. Patrick’s Day..and perhaps beyond. (We’ll see.)

The latest version of a divine archetype embroidering a fabulous devotional structure, imbued with sacred number and geometry – sadly, and to humanity’s shame, now a ruin.

It is the more plain of chalice’s She has painted and this rendition of mine midflow at the time is far from perfect – tis about impossible to draw accurately, when ‘between worlds’,  otherworld patterning in this world locales and complexes – I was alone that day, which was St. Patrick’s Day, 17th March, this year.

She acknowledged St. Patrick and Ireland this and last year, when I went there both times. She bowls through the site of the chapel dedicated to him, on Whitesands Bay (nr St. David’s) too, where he was supposed to have left for Ireland from.


It seems there is a special connection with Éire at this abbey. This could, in part, be because the name Éire derives from Ériu, the sovereign Goddess of the (É)ireland, who I wouldn’t be surprised to learn is Ffraed.

I too wonder, ‘Was St. Patrick here?’

26th March 2023


* For good reasons, I’d rather not say which abbey this is until I have completed this project.

* May I remind readers that the drawing is a 2-dimensional representation of a multi (infinite) dimensional form. What the pattern would look like in the eyes of the Divine is way beyond my ken. This is how She shows Herself to us, so we can understand.

If you would like to get a better idea of what Ffraed looks like, to me anyway, please read the Home page.

Note added 28th March 2023

It slipped my mind, though I have written and connected this before (in 2022): 17th March is the feast day of St. Joseph of Arimathea too. So, perhaps, the chalice is for Joseph and the triskele for Patrick. How about that?

Maverick Historians, Wilson and Blackett cite lines in the British Chronicles of Hardynge, that state it was Joseph of Arimathea himself, who converted King Gweirydd and bestowed on him a white shield and cross.

Who was St. George?

Was Joseph of Arimathea, oft said to be a member of the Culdees, here, at this place, too? It was he, tradition says, who brought the Holy Grail to the Isles.  W&B have always said it wasn’t to Glastonbury.

Yet another potent indicator to the significance of the Holy Grail and the coming film about it?:

There’s something about this latest ‘chalice’, this cup. It looks as if it IS a representation of the cup Jesus would have used at the Last Supper. So plain and simple, yet so powerful – even from the picture I’ve hastily scribbled of Her ‘painting of this most extraordinary mystical object….and the 3 spirals in the triskele pattern, that is surely the Holy Trinity, as well as a reference to St. Patrick.

– Ellis


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