Walking with Holy

I have come to understand that the nature of this assignment is far, far, far more profound than I realised.

Because of this, some of what I’ve written, and how it has been described and presented is being improved, brought into line with the understandings I’ve gained throughout these past 7 years – 7 years!!! – and particularly something I learned only recently, that though ‘this world’ confusing and so certain to be derided and attacked, makes perfect sense to me.

Ffraed is a very different ‘energy’ to ‘earth energies’, Michael, Mary, Apollo, Athena et al.

I’ve related how, and in what way several times. I almost clocked just who She is, way back – when I wrote, ‘She is primordial, came in with the light’….almost! Ffraed is unique.

I’ve just posted a new video. This one films Ffraed’s journey from Bae San Ffraed (St. Bride’s Bay) at St. Non’s to the centre of St. David’s. It’s amateur (as usual), and it’s difficult being between worlds and holding a camera level at the same time as dowsing, but I hope it is a nice change from ‘the world’, for you.  In the course of the video I reveal something Ffraed told me a few weeks back.

[Odysee video. Opens in another window]

Walking with Holy from St. Non’s to St. David’s


First posted 11th March on theSongofFfraed.com

21st March 2023


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