Whitland Abbey Presentation 2022

I have been invited back to the Whitland Abbey medieval fayre and Open Doors event to talk again about Ffraed’s sacred journey, and Her patterning  through the Abbey precinct.

Last year’s event was fantastic and thoroughly enjoyed by the hundreds that attended. I loved the Abbess’s sensitive opening address and the joyous and funny interaction with the crowd, the Whitland Male Voice Choir, and…well everything about it. The delicious food was to write home about,  the friendliness, the stalls of food, wine, arts and crafts, games and archery, all sorts. Hard to top it, but they’ll pull the stops out to do so, I know.

Can you imagine, back in the abbey’s heyday, the sanctity, the silence and song…and when the visiting king, or the archbishop, with their huge entourages, the lords and princes with theirs, for something grand…the colour, the finery, the pageantry, the fluttering banners, the the raucous buzz, music and dance; images and emblems of dragons and pards everywhere – an unforgettable sight to behold.

The lovely open-hearted artist, Kate Banks, has again allowed us to use her stunning dragon image. Bless you Kate, thank you.

Here She is, Kate’s weaving Ddraig on a note for my talk:

Kate’s website is: https://katetheartist11.com/

Presentation Title: “The Divined Abbey” – “Earth Healing Through Divining: and Why the Abbey is Where It is.”

My presentations are currently scheduled for:

  • 1pm on Friday 23rd September (Autumn Equinox 03:04)
  • 2pm on Saturday 24th September

They’ll last about an hour.

More details when I have them.

15th August 2022

Open Doors – Whitland Abbey: https://cadw.gov.wales/open-doors-whitland-abbey

The Story of the Abbey

The Destruction of Whitland Abbey

Margarette Hughes talking about Whitland Abbey September 2021

Whitland Abbey healed


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