Winter Solstice sunrise: Pentre Ifan – 22nd December 2021

Hi everyone, though it’s been a while, I want to assure you that I am continuing to help in the healing of this Oh, so special, sacred flow of energy, that we know as Y Ddraig Ffraed.

Ffraed’s flow patterns at Strata Florida Abbey, Whitland Abbey and Pentre Ifan are exquisite and stable.

St. Dogmael’s Abbey is amazing, Her vigour is astonishing. She is well on the way to becoming very special. Her  determination to achieve how She intends to be is equally palpable. I will relate an unforgettable experience I had there recently in a forthcoming post.

Talley is remarkable too. I was going to be visiting there on 19th December but my guidance advised me, strongly, not to. So I didn’t. They’ve let me know when it’s ok to go next.


Please be prepared…the following is information from my own lives-times experiences and guidance my otherworldly companions have helped me with. Take it or leave it.

Anyway, Winter Solstice 2021:

…but first:

Ellis, between world, while speaking at a Probe International conference, in St. Anne’s, Lancashire.


There is no time to pussy-foot around. The situation is dire for those who refuse to use the gifts given them by the Divine – their eyes, intuition, discernment, intelligence, et al.

The Divine did not give humanity the corporate media or the overwhelming majority of their presenters, the Darkness did, they are artifices of It. For goodness sake, extract yourself from their deceptions, distractions and enchantments, stop feeding the insatiable evil your energy. This is crucial for the integrity of your soul and the continuance of your spirit.

Use you Divine gifts: i.e. come to your senses. All of this claimed Covid situation is lies, exaggeration and covered up maiming and murder by means other than what they are telling you. They are clearly revealing, on their own websites, that the injections are killing and murdering millions, that masks cannot stop viruses, even that there is no virus at all. If you are going along with all this evil and tyranny then you are not listening.


I’ll try again:

Winter Solstice 2021:

In the Isles, the Solstice moment was achieved at 15:59 GMT, on 21st December (Saturnian date). Ref

This meant that the first Solstice sunrise would be on 22nd December – this morning, not yesterday morning (21st). Here it is:

For many reasons, innumerable hordes, groups, couples and singles everywhere threw harmony with Creation to biting winds and decided they’d, yet again, challenge Nature’s rhythms and plump for the Saturnian designed calendar date, not Her timeless cadence, as the marker of when the first solstice sunrise should happen and they would celebrate it. This actually happens for every major consciousness-aligning festival. It is no surprise to any sincere and aware observer, that  humans, in their lack of questioning and imprudent and/or wilful discord with the Divine and Nature, have engendered this reckless and stupoured march into the prophesised looming Last Days of humanity.

The weather – being how it is in Cymru, and made more and more awry by the demon ridden agents of the saurian colonialists pushing their ‘Covert-ID’ companion fraud, ‘human-caused climate change’, in their efforts to dispose of humanity, while terraforming the earth to suit their own ‘frequencies’, thus enabling them to actually be manifested solidly and long-term here – which none of them have been able to do until recent times – was bearing skies that were not likely to be clear, so I thought it worth trying to catch at least one sunrise and sunset on every day of this brief stand-still period. Today (22nd) was an improvement on yesterday (21st). The First sunset (yesterday – 21st), the cloud was too thick, this evening doesn’t look like it’ll be any better. I’ll persevere.


“…when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.” – Matthew 6:6

While I am banging this drum I’ll again emphasise how beyond dangerous it is for any and every human being to take part in any mass meditation, no matter what the claimed intent is, or the mouthpiece promoting it. These world meditations, connecting of consciousness, are feeding frenzies for black magicians and other dark forces. This is one of the first things one learns as a novitiate. Though I’ve had several lives as a trainee, I’m still a child in the scheme of things, and haven’t learned much at all yet, but there are some crucial foundational teachings that you must never forget. One of them is that you know and trust every single participant in prayer and meditation and only in places that are guarded and sealed – hence Jesus’ advice to shut yourself in your ‘room’ and pray alone.

Inhabited people, now once-humans abound in religions, new age, alternative, conspiracy research, etc. If they are promoting mass meditations then they are compromised.

22nd December 2021

English Heretics got it right:


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