Prof. David Austin on Strata Florida’s Sacred Wells Springs

Hi everyone, a real treat has come up.

It appears that timing of the re-posting of Y Ddraig Ffraed at Strata Florida on Odysee was just right… for today a very pleasant surprise video, discussing the wells and environs of this cherished sanctuary, has been published on the Strata Florida Trust channel.

They wouldn’t know of course but Ffraed slips along the north-side stones of the ‘well’, aligning with the centre of the High altar (which She patterns a cross/flower upon). She appears to be still following the course of a former foundation (as shown by David Austin in this very informative video presentation). See my video, “Divining Y Ddraig Ffraed at Strata Florida Abbey – Some Enlightening Discoveries“.

We are also shown Her route from the abbey (heading for Llandovery) along a very ancient mountain road lined very close to by a cluster of holy wells and the complex of prehistoric tumuli etc that Ffraed also visits and spirals within. It was just yards from here, just before,  that the marvellously skilled Olwyn Pritchard joined me for the first time.

Excellent video, well worth a watch. Enjoy

Sacred Wells and Springs – Strata Florida by Prof. David Austin:

10th June 2021

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