Flower Power

I’ve just come across a real treat of a video that has just been uploaded by geomancer Tim Walter. The documentary was made by him and his mentor, the well-known dowser, Hamish Miller, and is called, “The Spirit of the Serpent”. The online video is entitled “Dowsing earth energy – Hamish Miller, “The Spirit of the Serpent” complete”.

This very enjoyable piece features a collection of impressive adepts in their specialities where they explore the energies integral to the Merry Maidens stone circle and outlier, in western Kernow (Cornwall). (Watching the documentary last night I wondered if the giant outlier was a shadow caster for a setting equinox sun upon the circle of ladies, effecting a moment of conception for the summer king (vernal) and winter king (autumn). Maybe someone has investigated this.)

I met Hamish once, at the Glastonbury Symposium, a lovely man, no side to him, exactly as he is in the video. We had quite a lengthy chat where I voiced my concern at the spate of  Faraday caging of ancient monuments along “the Michael and Mary dragons” in a short period preceding, and how this appeared to be negatively impacting on the frequential atmosphere; one of the consequences being a dearth of harmonious crop circles in once prolifically benign former hotspots.  He wasn’t aware of the outbreak of caging but was as disturbed by the phenomena as I was.  I asked him about his epic journey with Paul Broadhurst where they followed the Michael and Mary currents from  Carn Lês Boel in Cornwall to Hopton-on-Sea in Norfolk, which resulted in their classic book, The Sun and the Serpent. I had been under the impression that they had walked the whole length of both dragons. “It must have taken you absolutely ages to walk those lines.” Having played on and wandered the local Ways of the St. Mary line almost every day, unknowingly, as a kid growing up I was very keen to hear more details of Garsington, Cuddesdon, the Baldons.  “We didn’t“, he responded, “It was almost all by car, it would have taken far too many years on foot.”

Of course it would have and on top of that the traffic and sheer built-up-ness of so much of the dragon’s routes through England would have made a yard-by-yard tracing nigh on impossible. I resolved to have a look myself, and posted the results of my initial foray in an article: The St Michael Line from Marsh Baldon to Garsington, and later also in my experiences book, Dogged Days.

Life got in the way and I never did get to explore this section of the Michael line again. Now I’m in Pembrokeshire and as you know I’ve been on an epic journey of my own; one which has shown me that much of what I trusted, claimed nailed down by lauded masters regarding these sacred flows, was being challenged by what I was finding every day.

The dragons I was hearing about were always in pairs. I thought Ffraed would have a consort too, She doesn’t. In the beginning I kept interrogating Her,  just in case I was mishearing Her. Patiently, like a doting mother, She told me She moves alone – by choice. She has many suitors though. In one spot, unmarked now by anything but Scots Pines and a field gate, 8 dragons come to court Her.

The other dragons I’d heard of (e.g. Michael & Mary, Apollo & Athena), though weaving too, of course, moved in  relentless straight directions. Soon after beginning I attempted, by extrapolating the line I’d already walked, to guess whereabouts She would end up on the mid north-east coast of the Isles, but it wasn’t long before that particular dogma had been kennelled… and so I just let go and walked…and walked. Y Ddraig Ffraed has Her own Way of doing things.

Many times I was told, dragons flow one way – as apparently the Michael and Mary do, for instance, east to west on Beltane (usually 5th May); but  Ffraed is a presence, rather than a flowing current; She moves within Herself, in dynamic impression and expression. Although I have to update some important details, please see here and elsewhere on this blog for more on this.

Back to the video. I was delighted to discover that Hamish had been finding flower patterns way back then – as I have been along Y Ddraig Ffraed. I wonder where else he found them? Hopefully someone will be able to let me know.

As you know, many of the flower patterns on Ffraed are also crosses, but I’ve, since monitoring Her healing, discovered more intricate flowers appearing as well.

Ffraeds phi patterns at Strata Florida. Mirrored in the tiles and elsewhere in the abbey.


That’s another thing I’ve learned while tracing Y Ddraig Ffraed…Her flow and patterning was fractured and deformed everywhere (except one place – the Sanctuary – where the initiation ceremony took place. So much more to tell you about my engagement with this interworld location too, one day).

This walk is, and has been a dragon-healing journey, a re-membering of this shamefully long abandoned and abused Ddraig Mawr, humanity’s companion force in their equally abandoned divinely charged duty of custodianship of this earth. To thrive, dragons must be walked, appreciated, loved. The structures upon them must be too. Walking dragons was the predecessor of pilgrimage.

I’ve learned it is never enough to walk a Ddraig just once. The first journey with a dragon is only the beginning. As one walks them, they heal and flourish, they continue to come together. Best not to take short cuts, their integrity must be maintained and every yard possible must be walked…unless it’s impossible…for instance, Y Ddraig Ffraed crosses bays (which were not long ago, land) on four occasions.

In his introduction the the video, Tim Walter terms these ‘flowers’ and other geometry (also on Ffraed) ‘interference patterns’ and he says about them:

“What seems to be emerging today is how these basic building blocks of interference patterns are part of great significant morphic fields (see the work of Rupert Sheldrake) which may link in to the very process of creation; that is to say, our perception of the world around us. I believe the key to our collective future can be found at such sacred places because these symbols and interference patterns illustrate our mind-based interconnection with the Earth and Nature.”

What I am finding, with most (it could be all – my memory is shocking) of the flowers and crosses, and many other designs, is that they are contained within walls, or focussed on them, which suggests to me that there was, involved in the design and building of these places, either or both a divine guiding hand or a knowledge of ‘energeering’ far beyond that which is available today. *

Ffraed is settling in to the rhythmic dances She prefers at the especially sacred points on Her flow. At some She is fully at home again, at most She is still repairing. Pentre Ifan, Whitland Abbey and Strata Florida Abbey are amongst the successes so far. Her Song is once again being heard all along Her crescent flow and in many the patterns She composes are, I feel, circuit boards and scores for a symphony or symphonies, the music of which has probably not been heard for millennia.

Why, do you think, churches, with their bells, music, hymns and praise and before them the sanctuaries of the Ancients, were built upon the sacred flows of dragons?

By design, the Darkness was thwarted in its diabolical ambitions  to forever silence the heart songs of Ffraed. The lockups were in vain. At 17.22 on 28th May 2019, Y Ddraig slipped over the cliffs and into the holy waters of St. Bride’s Bay. Every sanctified place, natural and lovingly created, all along Her chalice-shaped journey are once more singing their songs to each other…and the evidence of Her once holy establishments marking both shores and in-between, are still with us, and never to be forsaken again.

Here’s the video:


Feature image: Gateway to the Blacksmith’s Stones – Cerrig-y-Gof. Ffraed is the Matroness of blacksmiths, St. Ffraed the Matron saint of blacksmiths. There are numerous blacksmiths’ forges on Y Ddraig Ffraed. Hamish Miller was a blacksmith.

10th May 2021

*  Energeering: a term I’ve coined to describe the skill and practice of weaving the subtle flows of ‘dragon’ energy observed in the design of prehistoric sites, other sacred structures, and town layouts etc.

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