Happy St. Non’s Day

Today is the feast day of St. David’s Mother, Saint Non.

Tradition tells us that St. Non gave birth to David on the cliffs overlooking Bae San Ffraed, St. Bride’s Bay, during a thunderstorm. At the very moment of his birth, as Non gripped onto a rock so hard that her fingerprints on it are evident to this day, and cried out to the heavens, a spring burst forth.

The locale is now called St. Non’s and Y Ddraig Ffraed is busy there. It was here that, on my healing journey with Ffraed, She first slipped into the sea in a little hidden cove, the Aberfynnon of the sacred healing well’s waters…and it is at the well that I first met Ffraed in Her Fae form.

Ffraed at St. Non’s

I didn’t know then who She was.

Y Ddraig Ffraed visits the city of St. David’s twice, both times along Nun Street.

She flows through the ruins west to east of what is claimed to be a former chapel on the spot where David was born. The old ‘chapel’ is oriented north-south. Ffraed’s flow is consistent with Her behaviour at almost every church and chapel that is built upon Her.

In the old ‘chapel’, propped in the corner, is a slab with St. Non’s Cross engraved upon it.

Before Ffraed visits the old chapel though She meanders about the field above and then down to a mound, spirals and then melts through the field wall and into the holy well and out the other side. A niche inside is directly on Her central flow.

I was under the impression, because I’d been informed of the matter, that the fabled stone that St. Non had held so tight had been lost but on Her way to the well the Lady had showed me a sighting stone, and upon it, unmistakably,  is a hand.

A little sanctuary has been built around the holy well and within it, just a few yards away, is a statue of Mary, the Madonna – Nonna? Nonna is a nickname for Madonna. I suspect more than I have seen David and Non  as versions of Jesus and Mary or the Divine Mother and Child, and left a little clue here. ‘David’ means ‘beloved’.

St. Non’s, blessed by the meandering sacred energy of Y Ddraig Ffraed, oozes with an exquisite and ancient sanctity. There is a retreat here where one can stay and bath in the healing breezes and blessings of Breeshey.

Beside the retreat, above the holy well and the old chapel a pretty little ‘new’ chapel, dedicated to Our Lady and St Non, was built in 1934. Its doors open and welcoming, Christianity at its best and fearless – as Christ taught and the Divine, no doubt, expects.



2nd March 2021



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