Prayer Tree

Yesterday I went for a circular walk close to, and in, the little harbour village of Goodwick, where a ferry docks, and plies to and from Ireland. Some stretches of the walk are directly on Ffraed’s central flow, but wherever one goes in this vicinity Her centre is very close.

I was on the final stretch when, instead of walking along Her centre, along the street, with its ribbon of cottages, built upon Her, I took a tarmac-ed path through the alder-thronged wetlands.

In a few hundred yards, close to Ffraed’s  trip to St. David’s, I came across this little area with daffodils planted, and a Prayer Tree which people have tied their wishes to. The atmosphere here was unmistakably otherworldly, and ‘special’, to me.

Below the Prayer Tree is a small box with tags and a pen for people to write their messages, and just beside this elfin sanctuary is a bench; so I took a tag and the pen out of the box and sat down. I’m in the middle of writing: ‘FOR EVEN MORE PEOPLE TO LISTEN TO DR. VERNON COLEMAN’ and his website address:, when a kindly, rather posh voice, utterly in tune with the serene atmosphere, drifted towards my ears:

“What are you wishing for?”

I looked up to see an elderly lady only a few yards to my right and approaching along the path.

I replied, “that even more people listen to Dr. Vernon Coleman”.

“Who is he”, she asked.

“A retired doctor who has studied viruses and vaccines for over 50 years”, I answered.

“Well, that is rather amazing”, she responded, “The bench you are sitting on is dedicated to a Mr Coleman, there is a small name plaque behind you.”

She told me how this patch had been just a neglected bit of rubble and rubbish. It’ll be lovelier still when the daffodils are out, we agreed.

“Did you get all this done then?”, I asked her.

“Yes”, she said softly. It seemed like she didn’t want to draw attention to the fact.

“Thank you,” I said, “it’s truly wonderful”.

How about that!

Wishes and dreams holding fast and fluttering in the gentle zephyr on a fairy path…and just might this be a sign? We have allies.

All associated with fire and fae:

Goodwick: good wick
William: Will
Vernon: Alder
Coleman: the symbolic association is clear.

Love to you all,
6th February 2021


Dr. Vernon Coleman videos

Dr. Vernon Coleman website

The Alder Tree – by the Goddess Tree

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