Wishing you a Bright & Joyful Christmas

Feature photo: Ffraed’s well, Winter Solstice 2020


Ffraed’s beautiful Song for the Land is serenading the landscape of southwest Wales from the holy waters of St. Bride’s Bay to Strata Florida Abbey through Talley Abbey, St Dogmael’s Abbey, Whitland Abbey, St. David’s Cathedral & well over 100 more precious sacred locales  to St. Bride’s Bay again.

Despite the dark forces evicting humans from the sacred places this past year, and manning them with ‘the inhabited’ when they pretended to open again, forces more powerful than the Darkness can ever be ensured that the ancient weave of the Goddess in Her Welsh domain flowed freely again, before the curtain of lies and deception came down upon human joy.

For nigh 2,000 years humans never clocked that the real purpose of Christian churches being built upon their former ‘pagan’ sanctuaries was to continue the timeless practice of maintaining the harmony of the land with divinely inspired and anciently ingrained music, song, procession, poetry, pattern and prayer, exquisitely focussed within and upon the sacred flows of the divine matrix of the earth.

I keep banging on about how the purpose of the human species being here is to cherish and care for the earth, assisted by these venerable ‘dragons’……I have just been sent a link to a video that for the first time, for me anyway, explains in beautiful, humorous and eloquent fashion how the Divine has designed this. Enjoy.

Much love to you and yours and hopefully, when I once more have internet access I will be able to update you on the continuing wonders of Y Ddraig Ffraed.

Meanwhile, please learn the anciently inspired sacred music, songs, poetry, movements and prayers and then get out and visit the sacred power-places where you are and perform them with passion and love. the dragons talk to each other….. and you can speak through them, as once our ancestors did.


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