An Empress? meets up with a Goddess

Another article from the private blog:

Still on the trail into Alan Wilson’s & Baram Blackett’s (W&B’s) proposition that Christ and the True Cross came to west Wales (Pembrokeshire) I re-visited another location where one element in their story meets with our Ffraed for the second time.

I’d first  journeyed with Ffraed to this place on Monday, 7th May 2018.

Y Ddraig Ffraed had skirted the great hillfort of Castell Mawr, passed by Babylon, sashayed at a spring and some big stones, twirled at a junction, and then looped to head south-east and across the Afon Nyfer at an exquisite fairy realm.*

Fairy realm

Taking an ancient tree and flower-blessed trackway to the road just east of Crosswell, She set Her course along an old sheep track  twixt Haverfordwest and Cardigan (now a minor road), and in a short while Y Ddraig Ffraed once again met up with the Afon Bannon – a name that W&B say means ‘River of the Empress’.

Afon Bannon at Pontyglasier.
Afon Bannon and Foel Drygarn in the distance

An 1892-1908 map records only a ford here and no village name. Now there is a bridge and the cluster of houses, a chapel and a garage are collectively named after the bridge, Pontyglasier.  Wikipedia says the name means ‘Bridge of the glacier‘. A local told me it means ‘Bridge of the young salmon‘, but what would he know compared to an agency of the Dark State?

This spot also marks the border between the parishes of  Whitechurch (Eglwyswen) and Meline, and this is recorded in the sidewall of the bridge.

I continued  along the road, and then across two pastures to a little ford and bridge over the infant Nyfer. It was a beautiful day and after stopping for refreshment at the bridge decided to take some video.

(Both unlisted and shortly to be moved):

The ‘Empress Helen sites’ of the Pilgrim’s Cross at Nevern (video), Constantinople, and various locations on the rivers Nyfer and Bannon are all situated on the central flow of Y Ddraig Ffraed; who you know is named after the Great Goddess of the Isles, who became a saint.

– Ellis
23rd April 2020


* Under cover of the vi-ruse house arrest the fairy realm I visited has been massacred. I doubt they sought permission from those that matter. I wouldn’t want to be them.

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– Ellis


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