Divining Ddraig: Pentre Ifan

Hi everyone, this is a video of Y Ddraig healed and constant flow at Pentre Ifan precinct.

Divining a restored sacred presence through the iconic prehistoric megalithic complex of Pentre Ifan in Pembrokeshire, Wales. 19th June 2019:

(My apologies – the video link has now been repaired.)

Also, you might like to view the video of when She first took me there, and we met the ringing stone:

Following a presence of sacred energy that flows through southwest Wales, She now takes us into the iconic dream chamber of Pentre Ifan:

(My apologies – the video link has now been repaired.)


A Minstrel. a Dragon and a Shiny Summer Morning

This is a video of an unexpected impromptu musical performance; hence, due to having no video camera and microphones, though I’ve done my best, the recording quality is not the best.
However, this was a very special, magical moment that will be appreciated by those who are up to it.

The dragon, y Ddraig Ffraed, had carried me into Pentre Ifan exactly one month ago, and now I was back again, for the Summer Solstice sunrise.
On the winding mountain road, a sleek black, big-cat had whipped across in front of me, heading like I was towards ‘Llys y Ddraig’, the dragon’s court. It was a sign, but I didn’t clock it.

Around the stones chatting with one of the small group gathered I learned from her that amongst us was a fine harp player, whose name is Robby Neil.

All I thought at the time was how wonderful it would be if he were to play, so I spoke to him….
…and he had his harp in his van!
“would you play it Robby?”
“love to, I’ll go get it.”
And Robby played…and played…
On a beautiful harp that he’d made himself.
On a special summer solstice. 2019 is the Goddess Ffraed’s & saint’s year number.

Two musical instruments, the dream chamber and the harp, each with histories so ancient and mysterious…
…it felt like we were experiencing what once was. That they were together again…In a mighty-dragon’s realm!

Over almost 3 years I had re-membered the landed sacred dragon by walking Her course from the seacliffs of St. Bride’s bay, through 3 counties, to the other end of Her, on the same wild coastline; and now, in this liminal time and place, the dream chamber of Pentre Ifan, an ancient duet sang out again through all of Ffraed’s vitalising flow.
The great Goddess of the Isles stirs.

Many thanks to Robby Neil: Robbyneil.bandcamp.com




Minstrel video posted on 6th August 2020
Divining Ddraig Edited and reposted on Odysee 29th June 2021
Arrival posted on 29th June 2021

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