Beltane Moon

A pair of barn owls exploded from the hole in the church roof and tormented the darkening skies with their unholy screeches.

You might just make out the two black dots (the owls) in the centre of the picture. They look much further away than they were in reality.

The fading sun flashed light blue glimmers as it sank; decamping into the far western sea by the great hillfort, Garn Fawr… and now the amber Calan Haf (Beltane) Full Moon rose to peek through the trees beyond the Holy Well of Sant Ffraed. Striking a sharp line between the well and the standing stone, her eyes met with the beautiful, bright-white Gwener, Venus….or maybe it is the constellation, Perseus, a candidate for Lleu Llaw Gyffes too…or both, Venus isn’t always male (and Lleu Llaw Gyffes could be the sun too).¹

The Moon through an oak tree.
Hard to see I know but Venus is just above the well chamber in the centre of the picture.

As they say…while the cat’s away; and speaking of cats, I’m pretty sure I saw that big cat, or one like it, again, on the way to the well. This time it slinked across the road, perhaps another 2-300 yards further along. Its body took up almost the whole width of the road, I remember now, thinking about it. Jet black and shiny and fluid, it was.

I’d visited the well early yesterday morning too and on the way noticed the full moon just by Carn Enoc, on the dragon’s snout. I had to dash but I got a picture.

The Moon slides down the Dragon’s snout. There’s another Ffraed Project discovery!


1: I don’t profess to be a student of the Mabinogi, but I like to shake trees …and if I had more time I’d like to be. Watch the video (below) – the Beltane Moon in the tree. Does it not look like a golden eagle? Could this moon be Arianrhod?

In the Mabinogi tale, the wounded Lleu Llaw Gyffes perches in an oak tree until the magician, Gwydion, coaxes him down.

Short video (Re-uploaded on Odysee Beltane 2021) opens in a new tab):



1st May 2018

Druidic Dawn: The story of Lleu Llaw Gyffes

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