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Holy Wells, Healing Wells & Sacred Springs of Britain

For three years I traced and recorded a weaving sacred (current) presence (a Dragon) through SW Wales, using divining rods and intuition. I walked with Her through Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and up to Strata Florida, before She curved and took me back to St. Bride’s Bay.

‘Y Ddraig Ffraed’ took me through 100s of sacred sites, prehistoric and early Christian, including a multitude of springs and wells – but bypassing many others. I’ve wondered what criterion decides whether a well or spring is regarded as holy or not. Personally I would say they are all holy, that all of the earth is holy, but then that’s my view; but if I were to have a deciding factor it would be that they are situated bang on (by nature or design) the central flow of a sacred presence or energy flow. ¹

I was taken by the dragon to this well. Strangely enough it isn’t on the map, and is little known to locals – though it is in the small town of Newport, in Pembrokeshire. I was told by a local man of several generations that he has never known it to have any divine dedication but that it was once the primary water source of the town – and that as far as he knows it has never run dry. He did say though that he had lived away for 30-odd years and had come back to live, so he couldn’t be sure of that in recent times. For some reason it has a blue plastic butt inside the canopy; perhaps that suggests that like many other wells and springs this one isn’t as reliable as it once was. The well is opposite what was once the dower house and on the side of the main road (A487) at the bottom of a footpath that leads to the sacred mountain of Carn Ingli.


She passes this spot twice. The first time, on Her way eastwards along the A487, into Newport. She didn’t visit this spring/well that time though, She waited until She had flowed through Newport for the second time.


23rd July 2020

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