Be not afeard. The aisle is full of noises

In their book, The Holy Kingdom (P.144), historians, Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett, & the author, Adrian Gilbert, state that when Meurig, King Arthur’s father, was the king of Glamorgan (6th Century), the abad (abbot) of Clas Nanhyfer was Meurig’s brother, Cuhylyn, no less.¹ This would confirm that this early, so-called ‘Celtic Christian’ monastery was a very important one.


You might recall me recounting Y Ddraig Ffraed’s weave through the grounds of the ancient clas of Nanhyfer, and the much later 14-15th Century church building of St. Brynach’s built in its place.

I am proposing now that the high status of these sacred grounds at Nevern has never waned in the regard of the secret cor of Britons’ adepts.

Her route (or more accurately, Her presence) is distinctly indicated at every point, except one (which has been rebuilt), through every wall – and, as well, as I related, by a very timely and inspirational message, from None Higher (in Nanhyfer – only just realised that), which set me in good stead for the multitude of miles that I would subsequently pad with this magnificent reawakening holy force.
“It is I. Be not afraid.” ²


Her central flow (unusually, but not uniquely) visits the inside of the church building twice:

  1. The northeast corner of the chancel, which includes flowing through the centre of the altar and the East wall.
  2. After flowing outside, along the north side of the church (Her centre missing the Nave completely), attracted by a sprung spring She dives through the wall again, in the northwest, cuts the corner, slips through the ‘spare’ font (where did that come from?) and into the 14th Century tower, before melting through its west wall, across the Afon Gamman (river) and into the vicarage gardens; She’s on Her way to the Pilgrim’s Cross.

So, what’s with the avoidance of the Victorian designed and fitted Nave? (Another Nave, in the nearby church building of St. Mary’s at Newport, also holds no attraction for Her; but into that edifice She only ventures once.)

I’ve just been reading the history pages on the Church’s website, and there looks like a clue to this mystery here. I didn’t know this, but according to the author of the web page, Steve Watkins, Nevern’s ‘First Focal Minister’, it was common for Nave’s to be left unconsecrated (i.e. the sacred energy was diverted away through ritual and architecture – Ellis). Probably contributing in no small way to the perilous depletion of Ffraed’s life-enhancing capabilities. The Nave then, became akin to the corrupted Temple where Yeshua routed the money-changers.

The history of Nevern Church

1: Yes, THE King Arthur. Recorded in the Llandaff Charters. Holy Kingdom P.46

2: Was this message, considering the symbolism, perhaps also asking that the Nave be consecrated now?

15th July 2020


Human Beings are divinely charged to care for this planet. To assist us are the Dragons, the earth currents and presences. They are awakening. Where are we?

It is long past time to stand up, listen to your spirit, not traitorous government servants and outrageous media propaganda programming. They are lying, fudging and bullying. They provide absolutely no legitimate reasons for this massive terrorism against humans. Countless better qualified, better informed, truthful, physicians and relevant scientists, given an equal platform, would floor their hoax. You are being had.

Humans are supposed to be caring for this world and its dependants, not cowering in fear, muffled and bending to tyranny. Do something URGENTLY before it is too late. At least, pay attention to this short video and inform yourself. PLEASE.

Andrew Johnson: This video is a discussion of an article I have posted about the establishment of the CV19 Cult/Belief System – from a UK perspective.

There is nowhere, no forum, no instance where this vital matter of freedom for our children and grandchildren is off-topic.

– Ellis

* Title played from The Tempest: Act 3 Scene 2

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