Gors Fawr – the Avenue Revealed

Gors Fawr, meaning Big Marsh, is the location of an important prehistoric ceremonial area in the Preseli Hills of Pembrokeshire. It is the site of the one remaining, almost complete, stone circle in the county. It is built on the vitalising dragon energy of Y Ddraig Ffraed.

OS Map Ref SN135294



Looking back, after three years of walking with Y Ddraig Ffraed back and forth through the three counties of southwest Wales, very few places have matched the fraught confusion that She displayed in the immediate environs of Gors Fawr stone circle.

After re-membering and grounding the full length of Her presence over the land, I had done what I was asked to do. Our part in helping to heal, restore, this previously ailing electrical short-riddled, primal force was complete. Her dynamism would again nourish this land, this realm of mystery and magic, which She was divinely charged to hold sway over; and from here to propel Her vital energy throughout the Isles and beyond, as She always had done before ignorance, complacency and abuse all but destroyed this remarkable helpmeet of humankind’s obligation.

Naturally I wanted to see how She fared at Gors Fawr now.


Backdrop…and something I need to say

It’s summer solstice in 2020. The once brave, ‘never, never, will be slaves’, Britons have nearly all binned that and imprisoned themselves in a national lock down up; like just about every nation, this conscious-blighted smug species, deaf to the jackboots of tyranny, jostle (2 metres apart) with each other to enforce the lies of blatant, clandestine anti-human social engineering. Instead of recognising that this is a worldwide coup on humanity, they really do believe that there is a lethal epidemic that is killing anybody of any age and fitness. This is so unreal, it’s like science fiction, like V and 4400 and They Live for real.

I don’t believe it, and haven’t from the beginning, and if you are awake as you need to be to recognise and respect the power of love and unseen in this soul-testing theatre of experience (this ‘world’ – whirled), as I suspect you are, or you probably wouldn’t be reading this, neither do you.

This vicious onslaught against the elderly, the disabled and the infirm; and this flagrant rolling out of a plan for our children and grandchildren to suffer, till they are tortured and exterminated, is only succeeding because humans who can do something to stop it now, aren’t.

The only actions people need to take are to walk away from the interminable corporate media brainwashing, understand that their talking heads and gurus are compromised; they all lie and all of these statistics are fraudulent. You wouldn’t know it, if you only listen to the bribed, blackmailed sees of the collaborating spellcasters…but if you shift your focus outside of them you’ll find they are out-gunned by truly authentic, eminently qualified professionals, who easily dispose of just about everything the paid for media experts are obediently lying to you about. Most people, shepherded as they are, only see, read, and hear what will keep them, unquestioning, terrified and compliant. What happened to the predicted masses of millions of dead that our over-paid servants imprisoned us for, murdering countless thousands of us, and devastated society’s and humankind’s individual present and future? All over the world, tens of thousands of protesters broke out and marched virtually arm-in-arm recently, Why aren’t they all dead? If this so-called virus is so lethal, where’s the thousands of bodies? Yes I’m angry!


Just one of the voices the world of humans needs to listen to:

“As Americans turn against each other over mask mandates, many scientists are speaking out, including former professor of physics at the University of Ottawa, Denis Rancourt, PhD, who just released a paper compiling seven studies on the science surrounding the effectiveness of masks.”

Video evilly removed by YouTube  anti-human censorship. Google-owned, whose motto used to be “Don’t be evil”, now blatantly evil.

Here it is on Odysee:


Others I recommend are:  Prof. Dolores Cahill   Dr Andrew Kaufman Dr. Rashid Buttar  Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadura and Dr Vernon Coleman

Spread the word PLEASE, give people the opportunity to make their own minds up, for themselves.



YDdraig Ffraed at Garn Fawr

It will not have escaped your notice that our timing, completing the healing of Ffraed, was perfect. All done before the monsters could thwart it. It’s almost like the light side knew what the dark side was planning 😉



The sun rise is indicated at Garn Fawr by the alignment of the two tall outlier megaliths, the southernmost of which is 137 yards NE, from the edge of the stone circle¹; and also by the dragon’s flow in cooperation with certain stones of the circle. Both of the tall outliers, 49′ apart, are sited directly on Y Ddraig’s central flow. So many relationships involving landscape features (natural and artificial), the sky, and the stones denote that this ring of stones and the two surviving menhirs  are constituents of an ingenious time piece. Michael Wilson has done some outstanding work demonstrating this here.

The two outlying menhirs.

Summer solstice in the UK this year begun at 22:44 BST (British Summer Time) 20th June; making the first solstice sunrise on the 21st.  What time at Gors Fawr? Gawd knows. A combination of mist, cloud, the hilly terrain and tall trees kept that a secret from us, for now.

It’s somewhere over there:

Sky and Landscape surveyor, Robin Heath, reckons that the precise sunrise is observable on a clear morning and a treeless vista, in the gap between the two stones. (A bit like the sunrise at Pentre Ifan, I suppose)
P.58 Bluestone Magic, Robin Heath, Bluestone Press, June 2010
Robin Heath website

A view from the dragon: Pentre Ifan summer solstice sunrise 2019


I might as well mention here that I found a third stone, or at least a protuberance, in perfect alignment with the two megaliths, though not on the dragon’s central flow.

Left: The third stone. Right: Maybe the view of the solstice sunrise.


Fortunately there was a window in the rain while we were there, which meant we could comfortably survey Ffraed’s contented presence in this portion of the sacred Preseli landscape.  How had She settled, compared to Her desperately flustered state in early May, 2018? Perhaps you saw the two videos Here and Here ? In the first She frantically visited just about every spring and protruding stone in the vicinity, and in the second, only a few days later, though still awry, demonstrated an encouraging improvement.

But now, in the still of this solstice morn, Ffraed felt terrific. Monarch of Her domain, this restored Ddraig is kickin’!

The way I’d walked Her to Gors Fawr the first time was up the Mynachlog Ddu road from St. Dogmael’s church – half a mile, or so, southwards.


The Energeering of Y Ddraig Ffraed at Gors Fawr

We pick Her up where She crosses through the fence by the road.


Diagonally, She weaves across the common to within a couple of yards of the circle, and then She proceeds to follow the curvature of the circle before entering. Flowing clockwise She curves around the inside about 2-3 feet in and then smoothly yet dramatically spirals 3x into a central point. In the process She passes over several dark green circular patches in the grass, which are possibly buried stones (of which there are many under Her flow all along Her route).


The Avenue

From the point we follow Her westwards, out of the circle. Immediately She arcs right to follow the curvature of the circle for a little way before She moves away at an angle for a few yards then turns left to run in a straight alignment with the middle of Carn Menyn (a.k.a the Dragons Back) in the distance. I remark to my companion how it feels as if we are passing along an avenue, and then I notice the stones peaking up either side of us. Though these are likely the tops of the bedrock, they certainly helped to stir imaging of what it would have looked like back in the day.

Carn Menyn in the background.


Just over halfway between the circle and the two menhirs She turns slightly and aims directly for the centre of the space between the two tall standing stones. A further half as much again and She changes direction to flow in a straight line to the first standing stone, then through it to the other, before mirroring Her May 2018 course to the hawthorn tree by the boundary wall. Now, She’s hopped over the fence and, at an angle, made for the road, to emerge at the hedge of the common’s boundary.

26th June 2020


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1: We measured it.


Further information:

Stone circles website: www.stone-circles.org.uk/stone/gorsfawr.htm

mega-what.com website: megalithic sites + whole horizon analysis = prehistoric horizon calendars mega-what.com/sites/GorsFawr/index.html

Gors Fawr and the Presely Hills: www.simplystonecottages.com/gorsfawr.html

the Megalithic Portal: www.megalithic.co.uk/article.php?sid=326


* The feature image is of the sun setting in a dip behind the clouds looking from Gors Fawr stone circle.

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