Divining Y Ddraig Ffraed At Strata Florida Abbey – Some Enlightening Discoveries

Divining Ddraig at the atmospheric ruins of the once great medieval abbey of Strata Florida (Vale or Street of Flowers) in Ceredigion, mid-Wales. 20th August 2018.

Abaty Ystrad Fflur, as Strata Florida Abbey is known as by the Cymry (Welsh), was a powerful religious foundation of the Lord Rhys, the burial place of princes and princesses, and one of the most significant centres of Cymric ingenuity and culture.
At all four of the abbeys that are built upon this powerful presence (Dragon – Y Ddraig), their architects and builders demonstrate their mastery of what I term ‘energeering’, the weaving of Ddraig energy into precisely arranged patterns of flowers, loops and crosses, spirals and more.


CADW: www.cadw.gov.wales/daysout/strata-florida-abbey/?lang=en
Strata Florida Trust: http://www.stratafloridatrust.org

19th June 2020

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