Parc-y-Meirw (Field Of The Dead)


parc y meirw 1809 by Colt Hoare


Parc-y-Meirw (Field of the dead), Llanllawer, Pembrokeshire, Wales.
Stone Row
Not on the Ffraed
Grid reference: SM998359
Ordnance Survey

The name actually refers to the field, not the stones. Parc-y-Meirw (Field of the dead), is so called because generations-old local folklore says this field is  where the fallen from a battle (Mynydd Carn – 1081¹) between the Welsh princes were laid to rest. Two megaliths, once part of a straight row of giant bluestones, now act as the gateposts to this field.

Folklore exists that a spirit, “ladi wen” – ‘white lady’, roams about these stones and fields. Locals have dreaded meeting her and have stayed away – at least one, all of her life. There may well be this “ladi wen” wandering but an alternative observation, of another ‘white lady’ has been forwarded and proven.

When Adam was a lad…alright, 5,000 years, or so, ago, the Ancients erected this extraordinary Eclipse predictor that does the biz to this very day.

It points west, towards the Wicklow Mountains of Ireland. When the moon sets at the end of its 18.6 year cycle* and coincides with a 173 day cycle (where she wobbles to her most northerly aspect), she glides down the side of Mount Leinster. I discovered this information in a fascinating book, Open Secrets: Explorations in South Wales, by Piet Brinton and Roger Worsley (1987).

*Often rendered for the sake of simplicity as 19. Known as the Metonic Cycle.

Not on Ffraed.

Ellis Taylor
30th April 2017


1: There is much doubt regarding the location of the battle site and Mynydd Llanllawer doesn’t feel right. To me, Foel Eryr, 4 or 5 miles south of Newport, sounds a possible candidate for Mynydd Carn.

2: Local folklore says that there were once 72 stones in the row – 1 for each of the fallen warriors. Apparently several stones lay in the bank, only visible when the vegetation has been removed. (Thank you Ken.)

National Monuments Record of Wales
Modern Antiquarian
The Megalithic Portal

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