What is a Dragon line?


Dragon lines are natural, nurturing, and sinuous Earth currents that were understood by our ancient forebears, who notated, and scored them (like music) with stones, wood, wells, ponds, and earth works, to preserve and enhance their environments.

Naturally, our ancestors had come to learn, these shimmering, pulsing Dragons seemed drawn to certain landscape features, such as particular hills, hollows, trees, and rock formations, water courses and their eruptions; they discovered too that at precise times of the year (indicated by the movements of the sun, planets and constellations) their potency at various sites was increased. Their constructions emulated, and (in specific places) augmented these elements to delay and so, amplify, the Dragon’s influence in those locales, as well as to project their energetic attention to other desired positions. The utmost care in placement, design, arrangement, building and the choosing of materials (earth, water, the right stone, and the correct wood) was the  key to encouraging Dragons to weave around, through and within them.  They noticed too that trees, such as may, oak, holly, and rowan grew and flourished, and even in the harshest of conditions they survived, where Dragons turned; that often the Dragons would travel great distances just to embrace one tree. These trees were sacrosanct.

Humans are born to be the Earth’s custodians; and the Dragons, which were already present and weaving their magic, were waiting to guide and help them when the species first arrived here.

For many thousands of years the Dragon lines and humankind lived harmoniously, each assisting the well-being of the other.

The Dragons nourished the soil and the streams; wildlife, trees, herbs, fruit and crops, livestock and the people flourished. Humans appreciated the Dragons, loved them. Nothing was ever built, or taken from the land, without consulting the wise advice of the Dragon that moved through that locale.

The Dragons didn’t change but humankind did. Something alien and discordant to Care got into the minds of man and they forgot their charge, their purpose, why they had been borne into such a paradise in the first place.

They abandoned counsel and began to wantonly raid, pollute, fracture and destroy nature. Like insatiable body-snatchers they tore out and carried off the earth’s integrated circuitry, strategically located and vital elements such as minerals and metals, as prizes, for profit and pride. They made more and more powerful weapons to use against the Earth and each other.

People forgot that everything in nature is conscious. They no longer sought permission to take life or remove something from another being’s integrity and environment.

Habitats, forests (transmission and conversion systems) were razed and erased, wetlands and meadows (over-flow safety valves) drained and exploited; the earth blasted and bored. Even the constructs of earth and stone that their forebears had erected, lasting reminders for their descendants of the life-enhancing Dragon-power, were allowed to subside and fall; and even more often, removed. Desecration became desirable.

Yet the Dragons, even as their influence diminished, still loved these predatory marauders enough to continue nourishing the earth, so they could live. It is their divine charge, and they will keep to that promise until either they are released from it, or they succumb themselves.

Dragons thrive with respect, appreciation and cooperation. Except from a tiny few human beings they’ve had so very little of that, for millennia; through humankind’s incited thoughtlessness their energy, their ability to nurture and sustain health, is waning precariously, and we are in imminent danger of their becoming impotent, and soon after, inevitably alas, losing them. When that happens, the human race will quickly follow.

We need to understand this and actively side with Care, without delay. For too long we have permitted the more insane amongst us to decide what happens in and to our home world, to us and to our companions. All of Nature is precious and irreplaceable. Self-centred avarice and ambitions, surely people must realise, are dead ends for us all.

Some have, and in increasing numbers, which is heartening, but it’s not enough of us. Percentage wise the numbers of the caring aware and actively doing their best to work in harmony with nature and restore past mistakes are tiny. We all have it, innately within us, a deep recognition of our place in nature and our responsibilities to care for Her and each other.

Our cooperation with the Dragons is fundamental, to restoring and maintaining health in this world, which is why I am devoting so much of my energy to walking with them, reconnecting their broken and mis-used ways, and yes, loving them.


With love,
22nd May 2017


Update 13th August 2017:
I’ve just come across this piece that provides valuable information on how scientific investigations have discovered some of the information that is outlined in the above.
They’re Alive! Megalithic Sites Are More than Just Stone

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