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The Song of Ffraed.


‘The Song of Ffraed’ is my journal of a journey tracing a mysterious presence; that of a weaving Dragon, a dynamic, seemingly autogenous, swirling, mass of energy that’s internal patterning is constantly changing into shapes that we can recognise in the art of our ancestors and the fractals of modern mathematical awareness. That isn’t a guess, it’s what I’ve seen. The only to-ing and fro-ing is within itself, Herself. This Dragon is a presence and not a current that flows one way or the other. However, for the sake of description, in the reports I have referred to its flow in a this-world manner e.g. entrances and exits, in to-s and out of-s etc, clockwise and anticlockwise, mostly describing my own journey along Her ‘standing wave’.

For those interested in the mystical side and Otherworldly experiences and interactions of life there have been several, which I hope you will find worth reading about.

In the journal reports the Dragon is also referred to as Y Ddraig (Welsh for ‘the (She)Dragon’), and Ffraed, the Goddess and Saint who is so often associated with locations along this journey. Ffraed is the Welsh name for Bridget, and just as with Her, there are many variants used by other people in their spellings: e.g. Ffride, Ffraid, Ffrede, Ffread Fride – Bride, Brighid, Breege, Brigit, Brig – probably down to differing dialects in their recording.

Thank you for your interest. I hope that this website inspires you to learn more about the largely unperceived wonders that are with us every day and maybe even to explore the Dragons where you live.

Y Ddraig Ffraed ddyry gychwyn
(The Ffraed Dragon will show the way)

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